About us

About the Organisation

Krasnoyarsk Regional Non-Governmental Organization for Non-Formal Education and Intercultural Communication "Interra"

Active in Krasnoyarsk since 2004

We work in the sphere of non-formal citizens education and intercultural dialogue.

Our participants: schoolchildren (13-17 years old), young people, specialists in the sphere of formal and non-formal education, youth work, and educational outreach work. 

Our areas of activity: intercultural communication, cultural dialogue and collaboration, ecological mindsets and sustainable development, the urban environment and the development of urban initiatives, critical thinking and media literacy, historical memory, artistic self-expression and co-creation, business ethics of the third millenium.

For over 10 years now, we have organised both individual and group international exchange projects in the context of humanitarian collaboration, trainings, educational outreach programmes and cultural projects for various target groups, and run seminars, masterclasses, club meetings, camps and forums.

About the Team

Our permanent team is made up of 5 employees, as well 1 to 2 foreign volunteers at a time, who intern with us as part of the ESC programme. This year, Erich Molz (Germany) worked with us from January to August, in September we were joined by Arthur Beard (UK) for a period of 9 months, and in October by Veikka Vainnika (Finland), for 6 months. 


As of the 31st of December 2018, Interra has 94 members. The Coordinating Commitee is made up of Natalia Pavlenko, Ekaterina Liubimova, Elena Liutko and Elena Bobrovskaia.


Director - Elena Bobrovskaia.


You can find the current version of our charter here (in Russian), and more information about our permanent team and our current team of coordinators can be found here (in Russian).


Find out more in our Annual Report 2018