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 Krasnoyarsk Regional Non-Governmental Organization   for Non-Formal Education and Intercultural   Communication "Interra" 

 Annual Report 2019 


◆ Us

How Interra works and who it's made up of

Who are all these people who take part in our projects?

We've counted up every last person and event!

Things to be proud of

What projects took place this year?

What does Interra live off?

We love sharing our experience

Why do we do our projects? Interra members tell us more

How can you join?

To everyone who's with us

Our team


Our permanent team was made up of 5 people (until May) and 4 people (until the end of the year). In addition, we were joined throughout the year by  1-2 foreign volunteers who took internships with us as part of an ESC program. In 2019, Veikka Vainikka (Finland), Arthur Beard (Great Britain), and Marion de Burosse (France) worked with us. Theo Normanton (Great Britain) and Zuzana Kovacicova (Slovakia) started their internships in 2019, and are continuing them into 2020.


Membership of the organisation

As of 31 December 2019, Interra has 27 members.

We made an important decision: only those who organise and run Interra projects can be members of the organisation. That includes our coordinators, who are the face of organisation, and who represent its interests. As members of the organisation, they can influence its activities, apply to become part of the Coordinating Committee, and always count on getting support. 

The pool of coordinators contains around 30 people.



Members of the Coordinating Committee: Natalia Pavlenko, Ekaterina Liubimova, Elena Liutko, and Elena Bobrovskaia.

Director: Elena Bobrovskaia


You can find the current version of our charter and learn more about our permanent team and our current coordinators here.


Find out more 




Statistics for Russia

  • Siberian Federal District (SFD): 79%
  • North-West Federal District (NWFD): 8%
  • Central Federal District (CFD): 6%
  • Volga Federal District (VFD) : 3,5%
  • Ural Federal District (UFD): 3%
  • Far Eastern Federal District (FFD): 0,4%

The hometowns of Russian participants

  • Abakan 
  • Achinsk
  • Arkhangelsk
  • Barkhatovo rural locality 
  • Borodino
  • Bratsk
  • Chaykovsky
  • Chelyabinsk 
  • Ilansky 
  • Irkutsk
  • Izhevsk 
  • Kaliningrad
  • Kazan 
  • Kirov 
  • Kochergino village 
  • Kodinsk 
  • Kostroma 
  • Krasnaya Sopka rural settlement
  • Krasnoyarsk 
  • Kuznetsovka village
  • Moscow 
  • Nazarovo 
  • Novaya Solyanka settlement
  • Novokuznetsk
  • Novosibirsk 
  • Perm 
  • Petropavlovka village 
  • Pskov 
  • Saint Petersburg
  • Sosnogorsk
  • Tomsk
  • Tyumen
  • Ufa
  • Ulyanovsk
  • Yakutsk 
  • Yaroslavl
  • Yekaterinburg
  • Yelabuga
  • Yelnik rural settlement
  • Zelenogorsk
  • Zheleznogorsk

But where are our international participants from?

Participants in Interra projects have come from as far afield as

  • Austria
  • Azerbaijan
  • Belarus
  • Estonia
  • France (La Reunion)
  • Germany
  • Ghana
  • Georgia
  • Great Britain
  • Ireland
  • The Ivory Coast
  • Kuwait
  • Moldova
  • The Netherlands
  • Norway
  • Poland
  • Portugal
  • Slovenia
  • Spain
  • Tanzania
  • Ukraine



 the number of international and local educational projects for schoolchildren, young people, professionals and citizens that we organised (or were a key partner or co-organiser of)


the number of people who took part in international and local Interra projects. This includes participants from Russia and around the world.

And many more have participated in our projects as host families, partners, volunteers, and visitors. It's impossible to count them all


people in the Interra Coordinators chat


volunteers from Russia took part in volunteering projects abroad with Interra's help


meetings, presentations and conversation clubs held by foreign Interra volunteers in various sites around Krasnoyarsk, Divnogorsk, Tomsk, Kansk, Achinsk, Novokuznetsk, Prokopevsk, and Ilansky


 / things to be proud of /

Collaboration with two museums

We became part of a strong cross-sectoral team. Alongside the Museum Centre 'Peace Square' and the V.I. Surikov Museum, we organised the Siberian Art Laboratory DAKK.

Art in the city

Two training programmes for coordinators of international projects

We've launched two educational programmes which cater to two groups: firstly, for participants in our projects who want to try their hand at coordinating; and secondly, for anyone interested in international activities. 

INTERRA FRESH and Horizons of Development (in partnership with MitOst Hamburg and drb).

We hope that these programmes will help to further improve the quality of our projects, give the participants the opportunity for personal growth, and expand our pool of coordinators.

"You aren't born a coordinator, you become one."

'Not the Capital' gains steam

Stavropol has now got its own 'Not the Capital' project. It looks like it might have appeared in a few other regions of Russia as well.




One of the best non-formal education programmes

Two of our projects have been recognised by experts as successful cases in the sphere of non-formal education. The 'Not the Capital' urbanism course was presented at the Forum of Social Innovation at Moscow as one of the best social cases in Russia, and was included in the catalog 'Festial of Social Franchises'. The project 'Forum Theatre: a Step Forwards' was published in the Atlas of Non-Formal Educational Practices. 

Let's share our expertise

Interra's 15-year jubilee 

coincided with the 15-year anniversary of the Agreement on Youth Collaboration between Russian and Germany, which was concluded by both governments in 2004. During this time, we have held more than 60 exchange projects with Germany. Interra is in the top three leading Russian organisations for the number and quality of youth exchanges.

Forum Theatre is growing

This is the second year that we've held a workshops for teachers using the Forum Theatre method, which is very well suited to both teachers and teenagers. The number of teachers introducing Forum Theatre into their activities is steadily growing. And to support them, we've also developed a teaching kit on the theme of bullying in the classroom.

"Schoolchildren are actively getting involved in Forum Theatre, and they're showing an interest in the resolution of conflicts"


Members of the Committee for the Development of Volunteering in Krasnoyarsk Region

Interra has joined the executive of the interdepartmental programme 'Development of Volunteering in Krasnoyarsk Region in the period 2019-2024'. Our specialism is the development of international cooperation

We promote international volunteering



/ click on the pictures to find a story (article, video, or post) about one of our projects /

Urbanism masterclass 'Not the Capital'

July-November, Nazarovo and Krasnoyarsk


✓ 29 participants + 3 trainers + 2 coordinators


✓ urban development and project management

English Summer School

June 1-10, Stolby nature reserve, Narim Camp, Krasnoayarsk

✓ 33 schoolchildren + 5 teachers +4 volunteers from England, the Netherlands, France

✓ thinking globally, the culture of dialogue and collaboration

A Carnival of Inclusion

July 24-31, Dublin


✓ 50 schoolchildren from Russia, Ireland, France, Slovenia, and Austria + 11 coordinators

✓ intercultural communications, the culture of dialogue and collaboration


/ click on the pictures to find a story (article, video, or post) about one of our projects /

Wind and Waves in the Canary Islands

Russo-German sailing project
January 19 - February 13 


✓ 67 participants from Russia and Germany + 4 trainers + 45 members of crew from the brig

✓ adventure education, intercultural communication, the culture of dialogue and collaboration

Carpathian Explore! 

international project

July 15-24, Carpathians, Ukraine

✓ 35 participants from Ukraine, Georgia, Russia, Estonia, the Netherlands, Spain, and Norway

✓ adventure education, intercultural communication, the culture of dialogue and collaboration

International Summer School at SFU

Global Entrepreneurship: opportunities and challenges

collaborative project with IBPME SFU 
August 3-15, Krasnoyarsk

✓ 12 people from Russia, Kuwait, Moldova, Ghana, the Ivory Coast, Portugal + 1 expert + 1 coordinator


✓  global entrepreneurship, sustainable development

Carpathian Stories

international project with the participation of young people from 6 different countries

August 26 - September 9,

Ukrainian Carpathians, Lviv, Ivano-Frankivsk Oblast

✓ 30 participants from Russia, Ukraine, Germany, Spain, Belarus, and Poland + 6 coordinators

✓ ecology and sustainable development, digital activism and critical thinking

Wind and Waves

russo-german youth sailing project

4 voyages: July - September,

Baltic Sea and North Sea

✓  45 russians + 45 germans + 45 members of crew from the brig 

✓ adventure education, intercultural communication, a culture of collaboration

Future Spaces

international research project on urban life

August 12-30

Hamburg, Berlin, Hitzacker

✓ 23 participants from Russia, Germany, and Tanzania + 7 coordinators

✓ sustainable urban development устойчивое

Routes and Roots

September 8-18 Saxon Switzerland, Germany

✓ 21 participants from Russia and Ukraine


 critical thinking, a culture of remembrance, intercultural communication

Zoom In!  Memories of a Socialist Past

international project with the participation of young people from Russia, Germany, and Ukraine

September 14-22, Gerlitz

✓ 18 participants from Russia, Ukraine, and Germany + 10 locals who were interviewed for our photoproject

✓ a culture of remembrance

Chronos & Kairos: Reflections of Time

December 26 2019 - January 9 2020
Berlin, Hamburg, Claustahl-Zellerfeld

✓ 17 Russians + 17 Germans

✓ intercultural communication, a culture of dialogue and collaboration


/ click on the pictures to find a story (article, video, or post) about one of our projects /

Forum Theatre: a Step Forwards

Masterclass on teaching young people using interactive learning methods

November 29 - December 31, Krasnoyarsk


✓ 13 teachers from Krasnoyarsk Krai + 1 expert + 1 coordinator

Interra Fresh
Educational course on the technologies used for organising exchange projects, international seminars, camps etc.




✓ 40 participants + 3 coordinators


Horizons of Development for International Exchange Projects

 Seminar for coordinators of russo-German exchanges

November 15-22, Maschen


✓ 15 russians + 15 Germans + 5 coordinators


Visual Facilitation

International training course Interra partner project

November 16 - 22, Vilnius


✓ 3 teachers


Read Between the Lines

International training course on critical thinking and media literacy for teachers and young professionals from 10 different countries

Interra partner project

October 16-22, Vilnius


✓ 2 teachers



/ click on the pictures to find a story (article, video, or post) about one of our projects /

'OKNA' Open Space

lounge/workspace with a library and educational events.

Collaborative project alongside 'Peace Square' Museum Centre


✓ more than 1000 people have taken part in events organised by Interra and our partners in 2019

European Solidarity Corps


volunteering programme for young people up to the age of 30




literary and communicational training courses on the development of critical thinking based on modern children's literature.

Partner project with 'Peace Square' Museum Centre


Online journal about non-formal education

Partner project with the Association of Russian Coaches 'ARTa' ('АРТа')



Russo-German School Exchange

A programme which sends Russian schoolchildren aged 15-18 to Germany/Austria for three months

Open World

Themed meetings held by Interra's foreign volunteers at public sites in Krasnoyarsk and other towns

What does Interra live off?

Overall income in 2019:

1 897 266, 98 rub.


Sources of income: 


  • Grants (RF): 711 250 rub.
  • Overseas grants: 591 514, 83 rub.
  • Services: 462 502,15 rub.
  • Members' contributions and charitable donations: 39 000 rub.
  • Other: 96 000 rub.

We love sharing our experience

Over 15 years of work in non-formal education, we've gained a lot of useful experience. We're always happy to share it:) 


Why not invite us to hold a training session and master class at your school? For schoolchildren or for teachers.


Or invite our experts to advise you.


We're always happy to hear from you and willing to discuss proposals!

Выступили приглашенными экспертами:


● Berlin Dialogue: the 15-year Agreement on Youth Collaboration between Russia and Germany - stories of success and potential' (Berlin)


● International scientific and practical conference 'Collaboration between Russia and Europe. Dialogue between citizens of Russia, CIS countries, the Baltic states, and Europe' (Moscow)


● Panel discussion 'the role of NGOs in civil education' at the Krasnoyarsk Institute for Advanced Studies (Krasnoyarsk)


● Cultural-historical seminar of Russian Germans (Bayreuth)


● Discussion club of the Avant-Garde of Russian Germans (Omsk)


● Congress of youth governments of the constituent entities of the Russian Federation (Ulyanovsk)

● Festival of Non-Formal Education (Chelyabinsk)


● All-Russian contest 'The Volunteer of Russia' (Krasnoyarsk)


● Ecological festival on the South Bank (Krasnoyarsk)


Выступили приглашенными тренерами:


● Training course 'ART as a means of conversation with the town' (Syktyvkar)


● Programme of development of cross-regional and cross-sectorial collaboration in the field of harmonisation of interethnic relations (Yaroslavl, Samara, Yekaterinburg, Irkutsk)


● Territory 2020 (Krasnoyarsk Krai)

- Interra is unique. I'm lucky to live in Krasnoyarsk, because that's where Interra is. An organisation that enables young people living so far away from everything to be closer to other countries and their different worlds. What Interra does strongly changed my outlook on the world.

Thank you.

7 reasons to be


1. Broaden your horizons, discover different points of view, form your own opinions. Understand the world we're living in.

Everyone - absolutely everyone - was interested in discussing different themes, and in the end we talked about our peoples' histories (which, of course, were inextricably linked!). The media in different towns present information in very different ways, and we tried to build a more objective point of view on the problems facing our countries, on togetherness, on our worldviews.


Dmitriy Baydakov, Krasnoyarsk


2. The chance to have a new and extraordinary experience which can provide a reboot, a change of trajectory, and a powerful impetus for development

In these six months I learned more about myself than at any other time. The project was like a course in self-discovery for me, and a starting point for a new life.


Katya Chalova, Tyumen

Such programmes are vitally necessary to help people understand that you can live and think differently.


From an anonymous feedback form

3. Establish dialogue and good neighbourly relations between people from different countries and cultures

Youth projects exist so that totally different people can meet and start start to see things and start to look at things from the same perspective. Then they'll start having more thoughts and ideas in common. They say the results of such collaboration can be extraordinary...


Oksana Matveeva, Saint Petersburg

People from completely different countries and cultures had such a harmonious and fun time that I wondered: why is there so much conflict in the world if we're all part of one whole? We're all individual, but so similar at the same time. 


Elizaveta Khrulyeva, Krasnoyarsk

... you've only got seven days with these people... then four days... three, two, one... And the chances are you'll never see these people again. But nevertheless you feel like these georgians, spaniards, norwegians, hollanders, ukrainians, and estonians are already rooted in your heart.


Tina Sukhova, Krasnoyarsk

4. Learn something new

I've already been on the path to an environmentally friendly lifestyle for a year and three months now. It all started in August 2018 with Krasnoyarsk non-governmental organisation Interra's ecological programme (I think it was called Eco Echo?) At the time, everything was new, strange, and unknown to me, even quite complicated. There was lots of information to take on too. But, with baby steps, I soon found myself on the path to being #ecofriendly. I remember what I started doing straight away - sorting plastic from paper... and everything spiralled out from there... And now here I am, and I can confidently say that I'm a #ecoactivist and a citizen scientist!


Daria Efimovich, Krasnoyarsk

Now I can't even imagine my life without it! Without Forum Theatre!  In our school (school 150) a troupe of actors was formed complete with its own repertoire. We travelled around schools in Krasnoyarsk with this troupe. And today, at the masterclass 'Forum Theatre: a Step Forwards', it was just great to see that our method resonated with teachers and schoolchildren who've only just discovered it! Our ranks are growing, and that's great!

Thank you Nastya and Olga! You're in my heart.


Katerina Ilvutikova, Krasnoyarsk

The thematic training was brilliantly organised. Thank you Interra and Erasmus+ for giving me the opportunity to tap into your 'intellectual capital'. The coaches were awesome, as were their training methods and their techniques for group work.


Yana Golubotsova, Krasnoyarsk

This was an amazing experience for me. Before, I didn't know exactly what history teaching method I liked most. Now, following the project, I understand which methods suits me better and which ones I want to use. New thoughts and ideas are starting to arise in my head, and participating in this project even inspired me to create my own project.


Yulia Elova, Krasnoyarsk

5. Motivation to re-discover your own culture

The sincere curiosity about themselves and their cultures shown by participants from other countries encourages in you the same curiosity about your own culture.

You immediately find out what you really love and value in your culture.


Yekaterina Vishnevskaya, Krasnoyarsk

6. Learn to think globally but act locally: develop the place where you live

Understand and take personal responsibility for the place where you live. Politics is politics, and the weather is the weather, but it's the people who make a place what it is, and you're one of them.


Yekaterina Vishnevskaya, Krasnoyarsk

It's all in our hands. If we don't do something great for our town, nobody else is going to do it!


Lizi Deminova, Nazarovo

I couldn't have imagined just a year ago that, thanks to these people and trips, I would realise that every place has its problems, and just emigrating isn't a way to solve them. The most effective way to improve your life and the lives of those around you is to act here and now. Find your niche, develop it, and work for good.


Katya Chalova, Tyumen

7. Realise your dreams (and simply make yourself happy:)

Have you ever dreamed of going sailing? I've dreamed of this since my childhood, but frankly I never thought that it would come true. When I was little, my favourite fairytale was Sinbad the Sailor. Images of ships on the stormy sea and adventures have stayed in my head ever since. This summer, my childhood dream became a reality.


Anastasia Bochkareva, Krasnoyarsk

I'm happy to be here, and I try to enjoy every moment. Listen to your heart and follow your dreams, no matter what.


Elena Yermeeva, Cheboksari

My greatest dream has come true - I've been to France! I lived, worked, travelled, and just relaxed there for a whole month.


Irina Volkova, Saint Petersburg


If Interra was a for-profit corporation, I would be its most loyal customer. But as it is, I'm the happiest participant in an international exchange. Your projects, your people, your values and ideas are just incredible. I really hope that I cross paths with Interra again.


From an anonymous feedback form

 Become a part of Interra

Participate in our projects. Volunteer. Come along to Okna's open meetings and clubs. Become an ambassador. Invite us to give a masterclass. And if there's an opportunity to do so, we're always happy to share our experience of conferences and forums with you.


If you share our values and you'd like to support us, make a charitable donation. For a non-profit organisation, this isn't just financial support, but also moral support, giving us the strength to move forwards and do better.


We'd also be delighted to receive any informational support. If you're a journalist, photographer, or blogger, and you'd like to make material about us, then please do get in touch.

Feel free to write to info@interrasibir.ru with any questions you may have


from the bottom of our ♥

MitOst Hamburg e.V. for all our joint adventures and for your readiness to develop the quality of our projects, for your support in difficult situations


MitOst Berlin e.V. for more than 10 years of partnership, for your support of our 'Not the Capital' project, for your help in difficult situations, for your new take on the development of civil society, and for the inspiration that you give


To the Museum Centre 'Peace Square' for a strong partnership


To SFU's Institute of Business Process Management and Economics for an international summer school which we've run three years in a row


To the German-Russian Centre drb for their collaboration, friendship, and partnership in the 5-year project Wind and Waves


To Stolby Nature Reserve and the scientific and educational complex 'Narim' for their collaboration and an inspiring site for our English Summer Camp


A separate thank you to our coordinators for the  ideas, experience, and strength which you invest in the development of the organisation; thank you to all host families for giving our foreign volunteers the opportunity to experience real life in Russia; thank you to our ambassadors for sharing and spreading our values; and thank you to the team that organised Interra's birthday party for the party which you threw us


And thank you to the many others who are with us:)

Material prepared by Irina Bobrovskaya

Translation by Theo Normanton


Photographs by: Björn Bühler, Oksana Matveeva, Victoria Slobodchikova, Hebron Geofrey, Elena Rother, Simon Wulf, Daniel Kiermut, Elena Bobrovskaya, Dmitriy Shabalin, Suzannah Kovachichova, Danil Kravtsov, Anna Jargal, Katharina Mark


Photos in reviews are from the personal profiles of participants оn social networks

© 2020 Krasnoyarsk Regional Non-Governmental Organisation for Non-Formal Education and Intercultural Communication "Interra"