You want to spend your ESC off the beaten track?
You want to broaden your horizon and grow as a person?
You want to be part of a dynamic and passionate NGO?


Then join us!

We are an accredited receiving organization and have welcomed almost 10 long-term ESC (former EVS) volunteers from all over Europe since 2014.
We have involved them in our project planning and implementation, our foreign language clubs and public relations, to name a few areas.
We will help you with accommodation, official matters, and provide you with a mentor who introduces you to life in Siberia!

You can read up on the experiences and impressions of our previous and current volunteers here.

What you will learn at Interra

- Brush up your English and Russian. (Don’t worry if you don’t speak any Russian, all of our volunteers were able to communicate well by the end of their stays!)
- Improve your technical skills — all from cloud services and group work platforms, to social media and website maintainance, to graphic design.
- Overcome your fears and learn to give presentations and talks confidently, even in a foreign language.
- Learn to learn — manage yourself and your work to successfully plan, implement, and evaluate your tasks.
- Dare to show initiative, bring in your own opinion and ideas and create your own project — you can count on our support.
- Work in a highly motivated team across cultures.
- Challenge your prejudices and stereotypes.

What we expect from you

- Proactivity, initiative — especially when you have already completed all the tasks we gave you.
- Capacity for working independently and autonomously.
- Willingness to learn.
- Readiness to leave your comfort zone.
- Social media savvy.

Your next steps

- To do an ESC (former EVS) with INTERRA, you first need to be accepted by a sending organization from your own country (and maybe a coordinating organization). You can search here. As a rule of thumb, you should apply to sending organizations at least ten months before the intended start date of your ESC.
- Then, you can reach out and apply to us. Upon acceptance, we will then prepare the application for funding together with your sending organization.
- As soon as the EU approves funding, we can go ahead and prepare your documents and arrival to Krasnoyarsk!

Contact us

If you have any questions or wish to apply to us, shoot our ESC coordinator Nastya Mokrushina an email at

A glimpse at Krasnoyarsk

This is the beautiful city where you might be living and working soon: