Our projects

There is a lot going on at INTERRA! We usually work with youth and young professionals, for instance in different kinds of non-formal education projects, adult education projects, and volunteering opportunities such as the European Solidarity Corps.

A good example of our work is KRASDAM, a 6-year-long youth exchange project with our partners from Kunstwerk, Potsdam, Germany, in which participants identified urban problems and ways to solve them with the help of modern art, assisted by art professionals.

Here is a selection of other more long-term projects:

"Habit of thinking"

This joint Russian-Ukranian critical thinking program features methodical seminars, practical modules and international workshops for pre-service and in-service teachers. The objective is to raise their critical thinking skills, sharpen their information and media literacy, and have them enter into dialogue and professional cooperation with each other.




"Not the Capital"

With more and more of the world’s population concentrating in urban areas, this workshop program on urbanism (whose name translates to «Not the Capital») follows a different track: it invites senior schoolchildren and teachers from small towns and villages of the Krasnoyarsk Region to plan, manage and implement their own project to improve their school yard, town square or other space of their home village or city.

"Wind and waves"

An adventurous project, bringing together 30 young people from Russia and Germany who sail the Baltic Sea on the route Kiel-Kaliningrad-Stockholm, visiting St. Petersburg, Turku, Klaipeda, Szczecin, and Rostock as well. While facing the elements on board the «Roald Amundsen» sailing ship (e.g. «Wind and Waves» in it’s name), the guys from Russia and Germany learn how to work together successfully in an international team, discover new horizons and perhaps even themselves.


A library, coworking space, event location, coffe venue, and our office — ОКНА, meaning «windows,» at the Krasnoyarsk Museum Center at Mira Square holds a lot of possibilities. Leave your boundaries and comfort zone behind and join the myriad of casual educational and cultural events taking place here!

"Critical Kitchen"

With the effects of climate change making headlines almost daily, this trilateral educational project (Russia, Tanzania, Germany) gives participants a chance to uncover how food production and consumption affect the climate, to reflect on the topics of sustainable development, fair distribution of resources on our planet and overcoming the global food crisis, and to arrive at their own ways of contributing to a solution.


Aimed at schoolchildren in grades 3 to 7, this educational project seeks to develop visual and critical thinking through modern children’s literature as well as contemporary art, comics, and graphic novels (hence the name «BookGames»). Moreover, with the help of interactive exercises, conversations, discussions, and creative tasks, the needs of each age group are addressed — from finding friends to finding their place in life.